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Through many years, Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete has become the Taylor, Michigan area’s most trusted company for paving, sealcoating, and pavement maintenance. We’ve been professionally installing everything from residential driveways to commercial parking lots for our Michigan neighbors for over twenty five years.

Best Paving Services in Taylor, MI

  • Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Driveway Paving

  • Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Concrete Curbs & Gutters

  • Line Striping / ADA


  • As Michigan natives, we understand that our clients are our neighbors, and every completed paving project is beautifying our community.
  • We’re a family owned and operated business, and we bring our family work ethic to every job, whether that’s sealcoating a small driveway or repaving a huge parking lot.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we always use the highest quality paving materials and mix everything specifically for the conditions of that project.


Taylor, MI

Located in Michigan’s Wayne County, Taylor, MI isn’t the most populous city, with a population of just over 60,000 in 2010, but it has a wealth of historic charm. First founded as Taylor Township in 1848, the town was named after famous Mexican-American War hero and 12th President of the United States, Zachary Taylor. The township is considered one of the Downriver communities, as it’s just south down the Detroit River from the Detroit metro area. While historically the river was used to move goods and people from the city to surrounding communities, now there are many interstate highways for commuters, including I-75 and I-94.

There are a ton of fun places to visit in this unique Michigan community, including greenspaces at the Taylor Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Millward Park. The largest park in the area, Heritage Park, has walking trails, outdoor sports fields, and even a petting zoo. Taylor also hosts the Junior League World Series every year at Heritage Park. The Midway Sports & Entertainment complex is also a fun trip for families, but there’s so much more to do, including shopping at one of the largest indoor retail complexes in the area, the Southland Center Mall. The Lakes of Taylor Golf Club provides plenty of engaging golf play in a beautiful natural setting. No matter what you love to do, you’ll find something fun during a visit to Taylor, MI.

Is asphalt sealcoating worth it?

While homeowners with asphalt driveways want to protect their investments, there is debate even among paving professionals about whether or not to seal your asphalt driveway with an asphalt sealcoating. Residential property owners looking to prolong the life of their driveway news to understand the factors that influence pavement longevity.

How to Best Protect Your Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is made up of sand and gravel aggregates suspended in a mixture of petroleum products, which makes it perfect to bear the weight of vehicles but can also cause problems when aggregates are exposed. Moisture is also the enemy of asphalt paving when it soaks in and freezes, causing cracks and deterioration. While some argue that exposed aggregates aren’t a problem for asphalt pavement, professionals recommend applying an asphalt sealcoating. But homeowners may wonder, is an asphalt sealcoat worth it?

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

  • A sealcoat covers the top surface of an asphalt driveway or parking lot and seals out moisture so that cracks don’t form, but it also can fill in hairline cracks to keep them from getting larger.
  • Exposed aggregates are still very durable, as they’re made from hard rocks, but they can still get damaged from the passage and weight of vehicles. A sealcoat provides a new, flexible surface.
  • Oils from vehicles, UV rays, and severe weather can cause deterioration in asphalt binders, and a sealcoating protects against this type of damage.

Your Local Asphalt Sealcoating Experts

Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete are the paving experts for the greater Detroit area and surrounding communities like Tayor, Michigan, and we have experience with all types of pavement maintenance, including sealcoating. Contact us today for a consultation about your pavement.