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Parking Lot Maintenance in Ann Arbor MI

Parking Lot Maintenance in Ann Arbor MI

Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete is Ann Arbor, MI’s leading parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair company. We were recently asked to help with parking management issues in the area for a local business.

The owner of a local auto collision repair facility had been experiencing lots of issues regarding parking management. He didn’t have enough space for incoming clients and there was no clear parking spot at times for new customers. He wanted to hire a reputable parking lot management company in the area and was on the lookout. He saw a local ad for our business and was sold. He called us right away for a quote.

We arrived the next Monday for an estimate. We discussed his concerns about parking lot issues and determined we could actually add several spots to his lot while protecting the lot overall and saving him money over time by addressing small issues that were arising by doing crack filling, patching to reduce complete deterioration while saving cost and a sealcoating job over the whole lot. They accepted the bid and we started the next Thursday.

Our crew began by carrying out necessary repairs on small pavement cracks with crack filling, which saved them thousands of dollars a few years later. We repaired cracks as we saw them by repairing or patching them right away while preventing bigger issues in the immediate future.

We then did a sealcoating job, which not only reduces long term repair costs and protects against penetration of the elements but also accelerates snow and ice melting on the pavement surface, which saves them more money in the long run.

The owner was thankful for the long term money saved in addition to the fact that the parking lot looks good as new – plus there are now better parking options for more customers!