Parking lot repair and sealcoating in Taylor MI

Parking lot repair and sealcoating in Taylor MI

Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete is the leading commercial parking lot paving contractor in Taylor, MI. We were recently hired to perform pavement maintenance including parking lot patching, landscaping, sealcoating, crack filling and line striping project for a local restaurant in Taylor.

The property manger for the Texas Roadhouse in Taylor, MI was contracted because the parking lot had previously had years of n maintenance. The exterior needed a face lift and the owner knew it, understanding that the parking lot of an establishment was essentially the first thing customer see when they visit. He knew there were a few cracks in the asphalt and was concerned that they might develop into major cracks and liabilities for customers so he wanted to get help.

After seeing a local ad, he reached out to us for an estimate for parking lot maintenance in Taylor. We arrived for a quote the next day as we were already working in the area. While there, we told the owner that a total parking lot replacement wasn’t necessary but the lot was in need of crack filling, patching and sealcoating to prevent a total replacement while saving the client money. They also wanted the landscaping updated, which we were able to do.

Our crew started the next Monday while busines was slow. We began by filling the small cracks in the parking lot then we patched the larger holes now to prevent larger expenses down the road, avoiding complete deterioration.

The new lot looks brand new and the owner was thrilled with the results.