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Parking Lot Sealcoating and Repair in Brownstown MI

Parking Lot Sealcoating and Repair in Brownstown MI

Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete is the leading commercial pavement maintenance company in Brownstown, MI and we recently did an asphalt patching, sealcoating, crack filling and striping project for a local commercial customer.

The business parking lot at this particular establishment had been poorly maintained over the years and was riddled with cracks and potholes. Understanding the liability risks of having a parking lot with holes (including being a walking hazard to patrons), the business owner wanted to take action. He talked to other business colleagues in a business network he is part of and received a referral to contact us.

He called us right away for an on-site estimate. We came during the slow period of his business hours so he could talk with us at his convenience. We told him that his lot needed asphalt patching to fill the holes and crack filling as well. We also recommended sealcoating to prevent further water intrusion beneath the surface which could create more problems over time. We gave him a quote and told him we could work around his business’s schedule and he was pleased with what he heard so he asked us to do the job.

We started early on a Monday before business was going to pick up for the day by repairing the cracks with crack sealer and also used cold patch asphalt materials to fill the potholes. Our crew worked on one half of the lot at a time to ensure there was still parking for customers. We then applied a fresh asphalt sealcoat followed by line striping the entire lot. We had the project done in a few hours and the parking lot looks brand new and the owner is thrilled!