Parking Lot Sealcoating

Asphalt parking lots, while durable, need maintenance to stay safe and smooth for your clients, and an asphalt sealcoat is the best maintenance service to make that happen. If you have a lot in southern Michigan that is faded, cracked, or worn, the local leaders in paving, Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete can help. Based in Brownstown Township, MI, we’ve got years of experience paving with asphalt and concrete in the area, so we are tuned into our neighbors’ needs.Let’s explore what our professional asphalt sealcoating services can do for your commercial parking lot.

How Long Before You Can Drive on Your New Sealcoated Parking Lot?

After applying a sealcoating, you may wonder how long before you can get back to business and let customers park on your fresh lot. Though the curing time for an asphalt seal coating can vary depending on weather conditions, you can safely drive on a sealcoated lot after 24 hours.

How Much Does Parking Lot Sealcoating Cost?

Like with many paving projects, square footage is the first factor when figuring the cost of asphalt services, but the pros also have to consider the layout of the lot and how much preparation needs to be done before applying a sealer. Generally, though, sealing an asphalt parking lot costs between $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot.

How Often Do You Need to Seal Your Parking Lot?

With ideal drainage and minimal wear, an asphalt parking lot can last decades, but only if it’s kept maintained with regular sealing. For a parking lot with minimal wear, paving professionals recommend a sealcoat every two years, and annually for busy commercial parking lots.

Should I Hire a Professional Sealcoating Contractor?

The short answer is absolutely! First, asphalt paving professionals have access to the best products and the right equipment to apply it, so you can trust your sealcoat will perform well and last. They also have all the legal protections for everybody like licensing and insurance to protect their employees and guarantee their work.

In southern Michigan communities like Brownstown Townsville, the paving professionals to call for asphalt sealcoating are Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete. If your asphalt parking lot needs some love, contact us today for a consultation.