Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is one of the most important asphalt services offered by your local paving company because it shows your customers you care about your commercial property. Having a safe parking lot with clear asphalt markings is vital for keeping your commercial curb appeal. Your lot is, after all, the first impression your customers will get when visiting your business.

You’re focused on growing your business, of course, so you might not realize how important proper parking lot striping, signage, and traffic markings can be. You want your visitors to first experience a smooth asphalt surface, then have bright pavement markings to follow, as well as see proper parking signage and accessibility markings.

While you may not know how to make all this happen, your trusted paving company does. In southern Michigan, this company is Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete, the leaders in parking lot striping and pavement marking. We have the expertise to finish your commercial parking lot beautifully.

Let the asphalt experts at Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete answer all your questions about professional parking lot striping.

How Long Should Parking Lot Striping Last?

Traffic and weather affect the life of asphalt paint, but generally, commercial lot owners need to restripe once every two years at minimum. For lots with heavy traffic, restriping once per year is recommended.

How Do You Calculate Parking Lot Striping?

Paving professionals usually charge per linear foot, as the standard parking stripe width is 4”. Your trusted paving company will add up the length of parking lines and curbs to determine the linear footage of your striping project.

How Much Does It Cost to Stripe a Parking Lot?

Cost per linear foot averages between $0.20 and $0.50. Curb painting is typically around $1.00 per linear foot, and pavement markings can range from $5 for a number to $25 for a stenciled design, such as handicap parking space markings.

How Wide Is a Typical Parking Space?

In North America, parking spaces are typically around 9 feet wide. The length of a parking space (and therefore the stripe) is usually 18 feet to fit most standard vehicles.

What If I Want to Change My Existing Parking Lot Markings?

Professionals can resurface your existing parking lot to remove old markings and/or pour an asphalt sealcoat over the old lot to fill cracks. Once they have a smooth surface, your trusted paving experts can then stripe your parking lot as if it were new.

If your Michigan area commercial parking lot needs some love, Ryan’s Asphalt & Concrete is there. We’re the leaders in parking lot striping, so contact us today to learn what we can do for your lot.